Body Lift

If you are a patient who has lost a lot of weight from dieting, exercise, or bariatric surgery (gastric bypass surgery), then you are probably wondering how to get the slim body that you hoped for. Now that the weight and fat are gone, you may have excess skin that needs to be removed before your look can be completed.

Excess skin must be surgically removed through body contouring plastic surgery. Dr. Magassy is experienced with removing excess skin and fat after weight loss to create a natural look. After body contouring plastic surgery, you will have a slimmer profile and clothes will fit better.

Body lift surgery often combines a number of plastic surgery procedures, including Tummy TuckThigh LiftArm LiftLiposuction, or Breast Lift with or without Breast Implants. Dr. Magassy will discuss your options with you in developing a surgical plan that best suits your needs.

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