Facial Plastic Surgery-Rejuvenation and Contouring

There are a number of factors which can cause an individual’s face to lose its youthful appearance, including age, sun damage, or even genetics. Board certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Magassy, analyzes each patient’s specific areas of concern in detail, and tailors the operation to best meet the patient’s goals and expectations. Dr. Magassy reviews their plans with each patient in a relaxed and confidential environment, and pays meticulous attention to the details of the operation, in order to minimize scars, obtain a natural look, and provide the patient with a safe and speedy recover.

Brow Lift

Deep furrows on the forehead, frown lines over the eyes, drooping eyebrows and hood-like skin over the eyes are all conditions that can make you look older than you are or feel. Whether age or heredity causes these conditions, a forehead lift (or brow lift) can give you a more youthful, animated and alert appearance.

Chin Enhancement

The chin is as important as the eyes and nose in overall facial aesthetics. In men, a strong chin is a very important contribution to the masculine look. Today, more women want stronger, more well-defined chins and noses than ever before. A chin implant can create a more balanced profile by strengthening a weak, receding chin, reducing a deep fold under the lower lip, or widening a small chin. The bone of the chin can be moved forward or backward, made wider or narrower, shorter or longer, to provide unlimited options for refining the chin.

Ear Sculpting

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is usually done to set prominent ears back closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears. This is often performed on children after the age of 4. However, many adults opt to have ear surgery to rectify life long concerns and improve self-image.

Eyelid Lift

Eyelid lift (or blepharoplasty) is the preferred treatment for removing bags under the eyes or drooping eyelids, conditions that can add years to your appearance and even impair your vision.

Face Lift

Now more and more women and men are appreciating that a facelift could be the answer for them. The “plastic” or pulled look that was the signature of a facelift of old is no longer the result being obtained. In fact, often no one can tell that you have had a facelift, yet you can look up to ten years younger and look younger naturally.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer, also called fat grafting or fat injections, is a simple concept: Dr. Magassy removes fat from areas in the body where it is abundant, and places it in the areas where it is needed.  Fat transfer is a safe, natural, non-allergenic procedure designed to re-contour.  It can fill the lines in your face and can provide definition to your cheeks and chin.

Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement procedures can add fullness to thin lips, reduce a long upper lip and decrease wrinkles around the mouth to improve the appearance of your lips.  As we age, lips can lose volume like many other areas in the face causing less projection.  The skin of the lip area may lose elasticity and descend over time changing the contour and length of the upper lip area. 


Of all plastic surgery procedures, nose enhancement, or rhinoplasty, is among the most common. Nose enhancement can be performed on any part of the nose, to increase or reduce its size, to modify the size and shape of the nostrils, tip or bridge of the nose, or to alter the slope or angle of the nose. Rhinoplasty may also be performed to correct an injury or birth defect, or to improve breathing.

detail of a woman's face - steel blue eye with attractive, dark eye shadow,mascara, and eyebrow pencil
detail of attractive woman's lips and chin
a woman's showing the side of her face and neck, pointing to ear
a detail of a woman's face with dark brown eyes
beautiful woman, touching face
beautiful woman touching her face, topless, head and shoulders view
detail of a woman's face with full lips
a woman's face, attractive profile