Breast Augmentation - Are Smaller or Larger Breasts Preferred?

Considering Breast Implants? The internet provides a wealth of information, recommendations, referrals, warning and opinions on every topic under the sun. Women that are considering breast implants are going to want optimal fullness, appearance and feel as the end result of breast implant surgery. Dr. Magassy of Plastic Surgery Associates, PC in McLean, VA will weigh the options for your breast augmentation and help you determine the right options for your needs and goals during your initial consultation.

Since breasts generally represent a woman’s femininity and sexuality, many women like to cosmetically alter their size and shape. Surgeons say most of their patients currently prefer one cup size increase. They rather achieve more modest results. Also, people are now more careful and think about the long-term implications of unnatural-looking surgery. Implants tend to last longer these days and some women may not want larger breast implants when they get older.

Dr. Magassy will thoroughly discuss with you your procedure outcome wants, hopes and concerns during your consultation. Don’t trust your breast augmentation surgery to the “cheapest” doctor. Take the time to look at the surgeon’s credentials to make sure they are top-rated and most importantly, board certified. Plastic Surgery Associates’ private surgical suite is conveniently located in McLean, VA for patients in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. Call to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Magassy.

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