Endoscopic Brow Lift

The endoscopic brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure that is performed in Dr. Magassy’s private surgical suite in McLean, VA. Eyebrows are unique to each person and are positioned at different angels on the face. Unfortunately, over time and through the aging process, lines and creases appear in the forehead, and loose tissue creating unwanted sagging obscuring pretty eyes.

The endoscopic brow lift helps treat these problems and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyes. It also helps to enhance and define the look of your eyebrows. If done well, a brow lift can take years off a person’s appearance without any obvious signs of having had surgery. Of course, we’ve all seen the results of poor brow lifts, which can create a high hairline or leave the patient with a permanently surprised expression. To receive the most natural looking results, consult Dr. Magassy, a top-rated, board certified plastic surgeon located in Virginia and Washington, DC area with over 30 years in practice and countless positive referrals.

The term ‘endoscopic’ refers to the surgical endoscope – a specialized instrument that is introduced into the body to view its internal parts and aid in surgery. Endoscopic techniques have improved the brow lift dramatically: allowing smaller incisions, and expediting the healing process and reduce residual scarring.

The key difference between the cutting-edge endoscopic brow lift and the traditional brow lift method is that the endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive procedure. Because of this, it creates less bleeding and less post-surgical bruising and swelling. It can be a good choice for those patients who are looking to correct early subtle signs of aging, including a smaller degree of sag.

The incisions used in an endoscopic brow lift are different from those used in a traditional brow lift. With the endoscopic technique, around three to five incisions are used inside the hairline, and these are all very short. In contrast, a traditional brow lift creates a single long stretching incision that requires a longer healing time. Because the endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive method of lifting the brow and forehead, less time is required to recover after the surgery. Dr. Magassy will give you all the information required to take proper care of the treated area.

Of course, every brow lift procedure is unique. Dr Magassy will discuss your goals to come up with the best approach. Many times, an endoscopic brow lift is combined with blepharoplasty, (eye lid surgery). Blepharoplasty is an operation that corrects sagging eyelids as well as bags and bulges about the eyes. These conditions may occur as a result of aging or as a result of genetic predisposition in younger individuals, which leads to laxity of the eyelid skin and protrusion of fat around the eyes. The result can be marked changes in expression causing a tired and an older appearance and, in severe cases of skin laxity, visual impairment.

Dr. Csaba Magassy, a skilled and well-respected surgeon, has years of experience and many positive reviews with a variety of surgical-rejuvenation procedures. To find out more about the endoscopic brow lift during a consultation, contact us today.

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