Breast Augmentation- Breast Lifts and Breast Implants. Which Breast Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Are Yo

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation, Breast Lifts and Breast Implants provide beautiful cosmetic body shaping results for patients within Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC when performed by top-rated Dr. Csaba Magassy. Depending on your body contour, your current breast size and what your overall aesthetic goals are will help determine which breast surgery will work best for you.

Breast Augmentation, Larger or Smaller Breasts – Which size is better?

Large breasts were extremely popular in the early 2000s. Between 2000 and 2006, the procedure's popularity rose by 55%. Celebrities such as Stevie Nick, Sharon Osbourne, and Pamela Anderson had decided to “downsize” to have a more natural and radiant look. Breast ideals, for example, had dramatically changed in 2016 since large breast implants were not fashionable any longer. Smaller breast implants and breast reduction were among the most popular beauty trends 2016. With countless celebrities going back to smaller natural breasts, it’s not surprising the crowd follows.

Since breasts generally represent a woman’s femininity and sexuality, many women like to cosmetically alter their size and shape. Surgeons say most of their patients currently prefer a one or two cup size increase. They rather achieve more modest results. Also, people are now more careful and think about the long-term implications of unnatural-looking surgery. Implants tend to last longer these days (Mentor® implants carry a lifetime warranty) and some women may not want larger breast implants when they get older.

Does a Breast Lift Without Implants Achieve Good Results?

For many women seeking to enhance the appearance of their breasts via breast lift surgery, deciding whether or not to also receive implants can be a tough choice to make. A breast lift without implants works well in patients who are satisfied with their breast size but not satisfied with sagging and excessive overhang of their breasts and a low nipple position.

A breast lift will reshape the breast, raising the nipple/areolar complex to a better position and reducing the overhang of the breast. The breast will not be smaller than it was before, just higher and better positioned. There will be better fullness of the breast behind the areola as the tissue is pushed upward and held in a tighter “skin envelope”. Undergoing breast lift surgery without the placement of implants will typically leave patients with a little less upper pole fullness in the breasts, but the results often look a bit more natural.

However, there is no way of creating more fullness in the upper pole of the breast without using an implant. And since the scars of a breast lift are in the lower breast and hidden beneath a bathing suit, a lift will not tighten the loose skin of the upper breast; only restoring volume with an implant will fill out a truly deflated breast.

If you’re now thinking that Breast Implants are what you want. Where should they be placed?

Breast Implant Placement. What Looks Most Natural?

When investigating breast implants and reading of others experiences, you may see comments from women that have had the implants positioned above or below the pectoral muscle. Women that are considering breast implants are going to want optimal fullness, appearance and feel as the end result of breast implant surgery. Dr. Magassy of Plastic Surgery Associates, PC in McLean, VA will weigh the options for your breast augmentation and help you determine the right options for your needs and goals during your initial consultation.

In many cases, below the muscle placement will benefit you if you have thin skin or a small frame with minimal natural breast tissue. However, if skin laxity is present, a breast lift can help to correct this and add volume.

To achieve the most natural breast movement, or “bounce,” possible, you may wish to consider a smooth surface implant or placement above the muscle, which will allow for greater mobility. Above the muscle placement may provide greater mobility regardless of the shape of the implant.

It’s great to get plenty of information regarding Breast Surgery, either a Breast Augmentation (adding Volume), Breast Lift with or without an implant or a Breast Reduction. However, it can all get confusing and ultimately, you will need to speak with an experienced, skilled plastic surgeon. Dr. Magassy is top-rated within the Northern Virginia, Washington DC area. During your consultation he will be able to give you expert advice based your anatomic measurements, and recommend breast implant size, and placement location.

Don’t trust your breast augmentation surgery to the “cheapest” doctor. Make sure you look at the surgeon’s credentials to make sure they are top-rated and most importantly, board certified. Plastic Surgery Associates’ private surgical suite is conveniently located in McLean, VA for patients in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. We look forward to scheduling your consultation and welcoming you to Plastic Surgery Associates, PC.

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