Gynecomastia Surgery. What is it? And is it just a cosmetic issue?

American culture is becoming more health conscious each day. However, there are limits to the results that diet and exercise alone can achieve, and certain pockets of fat or areas of loose skin can be addressed with a simple procedure. Dr. Magassy offers body contouring procedures as an excellent option for patients who would like an improved appearance to their abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, legs, or chest.

For many men, what is the physical description of masculinity? Muscle definition, especially a chiseled chest is considered masculine and attractive. Approximately 60 percent of men are affected by gynecomastia, a condition which results in the development of excessive fibro fatty tissue in men. Several things can cause gynecomastia, including obesity, genetic factors, certain illnesses, or hormonal imbalance. Gynecomastia surgery is designed for men who struggle with the emotional and physical distresses that result from having enlarged breast tissue. Since there is sometimes an underlying cause for gynecomastia, it is essential to talk to Dr. Csaba Magassy before undergoing a gynecomastia treatment.

Cosmetic or Necessary?

While many men and women see gynecomastia treatments as purely cosmetic, this is not the case. Gynecomastia causes medical problems and discomfort like tenderness and pain in the chest area. Patients sometimes experience significant emotional disturbance or embarrassment as a result of their condition. In extreme cases, patients may avoid social contact, outdoor activities, going to the beach, etc.,due to the appearance of their chest.

Gynecomastia surgery can provide the following benefits for male patients:

  • A sculpted chest contour

  • A more masculine aesthetic

  • Enhanced self-confidence

  • Reduction in skin irritation and overall discomfort

A Solution for Gynecomastia

If you are unhappy with how your chest looks, and at-home methods, such as dieting and exercising, have not helped you achieve the aesthetic you desire, gynecomastia surgery may be the solution. Cosmetic surgery is one of the most successful ways plastic surgeons have found to treat gynecomastia.

After Gynecomastia Surgery

During the first three to five days of recovery, swelling and fluid accumulation is reduced by the use of a special compression vest and drains placed under the arms. Most patients feel well enough to go back to work after one week, but strenuous physical activities should be avoided for several weeks or until cleared by Dr. Magassy. Patients can enjoy their newly formed chest contours three months after surgery, and results continue to improve for approximately one year. Leading a healthy, active lifestyle can help preserve the outcome of gynecomastia surgery for many years.

If you're considering any type of cosmetic procedures, we hope that you will contact top rated, board certified, Dr. Csaba Magassy to schedule your consultation. Don’t trust any type of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to the “cheapest” doctor and remember, that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Make sure you look at the surgeon’s credentials to make sure they are top-rated and most importantly, board certified and make sure that your surgeon has the experience as opposed to a surgeon gaining experience on you. Plastic Surgery Associates’ private, fully accredited, surgical suite is conveniently located in McLean, VA for patients in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. We look forward to scheduling your consultation and welcoming you to Plastic Surgery Associates, PC. Or, call 703-790-5454 to schedule your consultation today.

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