Dr. Magassy and Staff Wish You a Happier 2021

We’ve previously written blogs titled, “New Year – New You!” trying to capitalize on New Year’s resolutions in hopes of enticing patients into the office. New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen. We all like the idea of starting with a clean slate and bettering ourselves, as most resolutions focus on self-improvement; losing weight, eating healthier, new job, etc. That said, is New Year – New You actually what we’re offering? Absolutely not! You’re AMAZING just the way you are. New Year’s resolutions are made because people do in fact want to put their best face and body forward, reflecting the healthy inside on the outside. That’s not a New You – it’s fine-tuning, updating, tweaking, refreshing, renewing you.

So, if we’re talking about fine-tuning or refreshing you, how can seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon help? Below are a few procedures that can help your exterior reflect your very best self:

Surgical Procedures

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) – A larger procedure but very common post-pregnancy to remove extra skin, stretch marks and fat, together with correction of muscle separation (known as "rectus diastasis").

Breast Augmentation/Enhancement, Lift or Reduction – The goal being for a woman to feel proportional to the rest of her body, with a youthful breast shape and fullness. The options these days are nearly endless – I call what I offer patients "designer breast surgery" since "her goals are MY goals"!

Facelift – Both women and men notice aging in their facial region, in particular, the neck. Sometimes a straightforward procedure such as rejuvenation of the face or neck can make all the difference and create a less tired and more rested, energetic appearance.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) – Removes hooded or baggy eyelid skin and sometimes removes bulging fat pockets, creating a refreshed appearance that permanently refreshes the eye area.

Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures

Botox – The number one popular injectable treatment is that way for a reason – it works, it's quick, easy and a great way to reduce or prevent wrinkles in the forehead and crow's feet areas. Lasting 3 months or longer and taking just minutes to receive, Botox revolutionized the cosmetic industry and is still going strong.

Fillers – Dermal fillers are safe, natural substances injected under the skin or deeper planes (such as immediately over facial bones) to sculpt the face and fill in lines or hollows resulting from volume loss with aging or significant weight loss. Some fillers help to stimulate the body to produce its own additional collagen in the treatment area.

Some of you reading this may determine that reaching "your best self" might mean a visit to a plastic surgeon's office (preferable Dr. Csaba Magassy’s office!) For others, a change in diet or increased exercise, meditation or yoga will do the trick! If cosmetic procedures are how you would like to “fine-tune” You, seek a plastic surgeon who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and who is American Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. We want your New Year to be filled with love, laughter, and good health!

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