Teenage Rhinoplasty

One being self-conscious about their appearances spans from teenagers to adults. Over the last few years, teenage rhinoplasty has increased in popularity for many reasons. Rhinoplasty techniques have become safer, quicker and more sophisticated. Furthermore, being in the digital age, the acceptance of cosmetic surgery has become widely accepted due to constantly seeing celebrities and social media influencers undergo cosmetic surgery and the differences in creates in their appearance. If you or your teenager are wanting to get a rhinoplasty this page will answer some of your questions.

What is a Rhinoplasty or Nose Job?

Of all plastic surgery procedures, nose enhancement, or rhinoplasty, is among the most common. Nose enhancement can be performed on any part of the nose, to increase or reduce its size, to modify the size and shape of the nostrils, tip or bridge of the nose, or to alter the slope or angle of the nose. Rhinoplasty may also be performed to correct an injury or birth defect, or to improve breathing.

Dr. Magassy performs rhinoplasty under intravenous anesthesia in our fully accredited in-office surgical facility in McLean, Virginia. Following surgery minor bruising, some discomfort, swelling and nasal congestion can be expected, but can be alleviated with these symptoms with cold compresses and prescribed medications. You can usually return to work or non-strenuous activities within a week, strenuous activities may be resumed within a few weeks.

Reasons Nose Surgery is Becoming More Popular Among Teenagers

According to statistics, in 2018 rhinoplasty was among the top cosmetic surgical procedure for the year. The trend of getting a nose job is rising among teenagers. Some of the reasons that are contributing to the increasing trend of rhinoplasty among teenagers are as follows:

Social Media and Celebrities

There is no denying the fact that social media platforms and celebrities have a huge influence on our teenagers. The use of camera filters within social media easily allows teenagers to see what they would look like with elongated, softened or more pronounced features. Add to that, some celebrities and some of the more famous influencers have had a rhinoplasty and shared the whole journey online with their followers. When self-conscious or insecure teenagers see others openly talking about their transformation, they will, in return, consider rhinoplasty themselves. It is safe to say that as the name suggests social media influencers significantly influence rising trends and rhinoplasty among teenagers is no different.

Teen Bullying and Teasing

Adolescence brings about a lot of changes in people’s bodies and physical appearance. It is the reason that many teenagers start to behave awkwardly and become shy during the peak of their adolescent changes. Apart from that, when teenagers go to school and college, unfortunately, many face bullying because of their looks.

If a teenager feels that getting a nose job is going to boost their self-esteem and they’ll feel more confident afterwards, then it’s important to have this discussion with both parents and the surgeon to discuss desired results and what to expect.

What Else Should You Know About Teenage Rhinoplasty?

Best Age for an Adolescent Nose Reshaping

According to the experts, the right age for a teen girl and a boy differs. When it comes to girls, it is usually safe to perform the procedure one year after their first menstrual period. However, with boys, it advised that they should get the surgery only after they have turned sixteen years old. The best time to get a rhinoplasty right is the first time. You do not want to choose inexperience or under-qualified surgeon and end up with a botched result that needs to be fixed with more surgeries.

Is it Safe for Teenagers?

Since we all know that adolescence brings a lot of changes to teenagers’ bodies, you may have concerns about the rhinoplasty affecting facial growth. Teenage rhinoplasty is perfectly safe when in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon. Parents and teens should approach the consultation with full disclosure to alert Dr. Magassy with any underlying conditions. Discussing why you’re seeking the procedure, the desired results along with full medical history will provide Dr Magassy with all necessary information to provide you realistic expectations.

Do You Need Parental Consent?

If you are a teen and you want to get a rhinoplasty, then it’s important to know that you can’t make this decision all on your own. You need your parents to sign the consent form for anyone under 18 years of age. Lastly, it is very important that you select the right practice and plastic surgeon to do the procedure. Dr. Magassy’s years of board certified expertise and professionalism provides; that the procedure will go smooth. When you’re ready to have a group consultation that includes Dr. Magassy, parents and teenager, call to schedule your appointment at 703-790-5454.

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